Cedar Creek Miniatures is owned and operated by Debbie Emery, with a little help from her husband Bob when something needs a little TLC. Debbie has always loved animals and has raised everything from ducks and guinea hens to dairy goats, pigs, and cattle. But her true passion is miniature horses.

After buying her very first miniature horse, named Sparky, from a long-time friend, Debbie knew she had to be more involved with this wonderful breed. And of course Sparky needed a few (dozen) friends. After acquiring a small amount of horses from a local breeder, who was liquidating her herd due to illness, Cedar Creek Miniatures was formed.

The minis have given us our fair share of adventures. On May 23, 2003, our very first baby, Cedar Creek’s Lunar Eclipse, whom we affectionately call Clipsie, was born. All of the other horses were so excited, they ran around the pasture for hours that day. Unfortunately, due to complications, Clipsie’s mother passed away just seven days later. So we did the only logical thing to do… we moved Clipsie into the house, bottle fed her day and night, and treated her like one of the family. Clipsie would sleep in the kitchen and go outside to play with the kids after her feedings. She even developed something of a sibling rivalry that continues to this day.

Debbie also started the first miniature horse 4-H club in Twin Falls county. She would keep her horses at the farm and lease them to local children who didn’t have their own – they usually lived in the city and had no room for them or their parents were too nervous to put them around big horses. It was quite the learning experience for everyone, too. The members not only learned responsibility and a sense of community, but went from putting “collars” on the horses and getting them out of their “cages” to halters and pens. And we discovered a sense of pride in seeing the horses instill confidence in the kids.

In addition to the 4-H club, Debbie became involved in the American Miniature Horse Association. She organized memorable shows in the southern Idaho and northern Utah areas as a show manager and served as an AMHA Director for 3 years. During that time, she was a part of several committees.

Today, we focus our attention on showing and breeding. In the past several years, we’ve had a lot of success at the National and World Shows. Our stock lines include: Rowdy, King’s Little Buckeroo, and Billy Idol and we strive for excellence in the breed so that it may continue on and touch other lives as it ours.